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Welcome to the Freiheit Database!



Welcome to the database of Gemini Drake's fanfiction, Freiheit. Currently, we're under construction...... a LOT of construction, mind you. When we get the chance, we will update more.


In the near future, we will have --


Staff pages - learn the truth behind the insane people who helped create this fanfic.


Cast - Whether it be the Stars of Destiny, old and new, the Black Hearts, or other characters that were in the fic to begin with.


Summaries - Read short summaries of each episode of each season and story.


Fan Art - Got art? Cool! Share it with the rest of us... and keep it clean.


Comment Box - Ooh, I wonder what each person in the castle had been leaving in the box.


Slappy Report - Slappy's going to be digging up dirt on the Stars of Destiny. Wonder what he'll find.


Items - Items, like the Armaments, the Battle Ship, etc. are listed here.


email Drake at suikodenherodrake(at)yahoo.com with any further questions.


Some of the art and characters used herein is (c) their original creators, and we're not trying to claim otherwise. The spiffy fanarts and whatnot are (c) the lovely artists who helped breathe life into our characters. Thanks, everyone!

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